Use Frezyderm Baby Gel For Instant Relief To Distressed Teething Babies

Use Frezyderm Baby Gel For Instant Relief To Distressed Teething Babies

Teething can be an incredibly difficult and painful time for your little one - and it isn’t too easy on the parents, either! 

During teething, your baby is likely to experience recurrent or intermittent pain around the gums, along with a low-grade fever, difficulty sleeping, and skin rashes due to excessive drooling. 

While it isn’t exactly going to be one of the happiest moments from their infancy, with the right tools and attitude, teething doesn’t have to be a traumatising, sleepless experience for both you and your little one. With Frezyderm Baby Gel, you can soothe your baby’s pain, help them get to sleep, and get some shut-eye yourself.

What is the teething period?

Dreaded by parents, the teething period describes the process wherein your baby begins to grow their first teeth. The teeth begin to push through the gums, creating gum inflammation and causing your baby unpleasant pain and discomfort. 

Symptoms of teething:

  • Uncharacteristic crying or fussing
  • Sleeping problems; difficulty falling asleep
  • Chewing on toys or other objects
  • Excessive drooling
  • Rash around the mouth and cheeks (induced by drooling)
  • Low-grade temperature
  • Irritability and fussing

Frezyderm Gum Gel for Teething Babies

If you’re looking for a quick solution that can offer your baby some relief from the pain of teething, a numbing teething gel can offer instant results and reduce inflammation. One of our most popular teething gels is Frezyderm’s Baby Gel; formulated with soothing clove, this anti-inflammatory teething gel will reduce swelling around the gums and provide instant pain relief for your little one.

Benefits of Frezyderm Baby Gel:

  • Herbal properties can help your baby sleep. Not only does it help your baby with their teething pain, but the herbal properties in Frezyderm baby gel can even help your little one get some much needed rest. Herbal remedies are known to soothe anxiety and induce sleep. 
  • Soothing properties. Formulated using soothing clove, this baby gum gel helps soothe any gum pain while numbing teething discomfort for your baby.
  • Anti inflammatory properties. One of the main reasons teething is so uncomfortable for babies is due to the inflammation; the inflammation is so painful and can often lead to swollen, red gums. This gel contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help soothe and reduce swelling, and in turn reduce your baby’s pain.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. Like all products in the Frezyderm baby range, their Baby Gel is suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

How to use Frezyderm Baby Gel on Teething Babies

If your little one is going through the dreaded teething phase, here’s how to use Frezyderm Baby Gel to soothe their discomfort:

Making sure to use clean hands, take a small amount of the baby gel and massage gently into your baby’s gums. As their gums are likely to be very sensitive, tender and swollen, don’t rub too hard. Repeat throughout the day where necessary during flare-ups.

Soothing a teething baby: more tips and tricks

Aside from using a teething gel, here are some other ways you can offer some relief to your teething little one:

Cold dummies 

Whether it’s a dummy dipped in cold water or a toy that’s been popped in the fridge for a few minutes, babies can benefit from the soothing effects of something cold on their gums. The coldness won’t do anything to remedy the inflammation, but will offer temporary relief and perhaps help your little one nod off to sleep.

Safe teething toys

You might notice that your baby is interested in chewing their toys more often during their teething phase; this is a normal response induced by the inflammation - your baby is effectively trying to chew away the pain.

Rather than having your baby chew on anything they might find - which isn’t particularly hygienic - it’s a better idea to invest in a safe teething toy for them to chew on during the day. Make sure to buy the teething toy from a reputable baby or toy shop; some online shops sell teething toys that are made with unsafe materials, or toys that present an obvious choking hazard for young children.

Make sure to avoid teething necklaces at all costs - these devices have been popularised recently but are massively unsafe for young babies, especially at nighttime. Given that the necklace is made to be worn around the neck, teething necklaces present an asphyxiative hazard; a choking risk is also involved if the teething necklace is made with beads. 

Take care of excess drool

Your baby is going to be drooling a lot during the teething phase, and this can cause a painful rash around the mouth that’s only going to exacerbate your baby’s pain. To prevent a drool-induced rash from developing, make sure to wipe away any excess saliva regularly with a towel. If a rash does develop, applying a small amount of vaseline to the affected area can help soothe redness and calm any irritation.

When it doubt, speak to your doctor 

It’s understandable that parents might feel overwhelmed if their baby is having a tough time going through their teething phase. However, it’s important to not panic and give your baby any OTC medication; always speak with your doctor before giving your baby any pain medication. Make sure not to give your baby ibuprofen, as this anti-inflammatory is unsuitable for children under the age of 2. 

Also be wary of so-called old-school home remedies. For example, rubbing alcohol on your baby’s gums can be incredibly dangerous; if your baby happens to swallow or ingest any of the alcohol, it may incur dangerous side effects and make your baby ill. 

Final Thoughts

Although teething can be a difficult time for both parents and babies alike, it doesn’t have to be a traumatising experience. With some of Frezyderm’s baby gel, a positive attitude and a generous dose of patience for all the drooling and crying, both you and your baby can make it through the teething phase. And what comes after the teething phase? A smile!


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