Do Men Like Diamonds Emporio Armani?

Do Men Like Diamonds Emporio Armani?

If you’re looking for a fun, flirty fragrance to impress your boyfriend or partner, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Some men enjoy light, fruity fragrances, while others prefer more seductive, musky aromas with undertones of vanilla or bourbon.

Giorgio Armani already boasts a wide range of beautiful fragrances for women, but where does Diamonds Emporio by Armani come into the picture? A light, fresh scent with notes of raspberry, lychee, and vanilla, Emporio Armani was first released back in 2007, with Beyonce becoming the face of the fragrance. 

But how does the scent hold up in comparison to other Giorgio Armani fragrances in 2022, and do men like Diamonds Emporio Armani? Let’s take a look.

What do men look for in perfume?

While women might think that men are oblivious to the subtleties of perfume and fragrance, men actually do love when women wear perfume - and they even have preferences when it comes to what type of fragrance they like women to wear the most.

In a study of 3000+ men reported on by the Daily Mail, men’s preferred fragrance notes in a female perfume were floral, sweet, and fruity. As Diamond Emporio contains a mix of fruity, floral and sweet notes, this scent might be a winner if you’re trying to impress your other half with a new gorgeous fragrance. 

So, what are the sweet, fruity, and floral notes in this vintage Armani fragrance? 

Diamonds Emporio: An overview

Let’s take a look at the top, mid and base notes for this sought-after fragrance.

What are the top notes?

The perfume’s top notes are lychee and raspberry, giving the perfume that fresh, fruity, and mildly sweet scent. It’s not an overpowering sweetness; some fruity perfumes can feel more suited to teenagers and younger women, but Diamond Emporio still feels elegant and sophisticated. 

What are the mid notes?

The perfume’s mid notes are Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Patchouli, and Freesia. What’s great about the patchouli in this fragrance is that it doesn’t overpower the other notes: patchouli can often give fragrances a certain ‘powdery’ scent that can be off-putting, but the fruity, sweet top notes give this perfume a nice balance. 

What are the base notes?

The base notes of this fragrance are Vetiver, Amber, and Vanilla, giving the scent a unique musky component that makes it sexier than your typical floral fragrances. The base notes don’t overpower the original floral and fruity scent that you experience when you first give this perfume a spritz, but it does add a seductive dimension that other floral fragrances often lack.  

But does Diamonds Emporio: Armani hold up when it comes to other Giorgio Armani perfumes? Let’s take a look. 

Diamonds Emporio vs. Si

While Diamonds Emporio is dominated by its fruity and floral base notes and mid notes, Giorgio Armani Si is a more musky fragrance, with vanilla, blonde wood, and nectar dominating the scent. While it can be worn as both an evening and daytime perfume, Sì likes to evolve the longer you wear it; it’s best suited for a night on the town, where the scent will become woodier and muskier as time goes on.

Diamonds Emporio vs. My Way 

In the study cited above, Armani’s My Way fragrance was voted as men’s favorite women’s perfume from the samples they tried. The 2022 fragrance is very sweet, with its white florals, vanilla, tuberose, and citrus coming through the most. The combination of the sweet Madagascan vanilla and the fresh florals clearly appealed to the men surveyed; we’d have to consider Diamonds Emporio and My Way in a tie when it comes to men’s favorite fragrances for women. 

The Bottom Line

So, are Diamonds a girl’s best friend? We think so - if it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us! 

Not only is Diamonds Emporio a classic fragrance that can be worn both during the day and at night, but it’s also incredibly unique: the daring mix of fruity and floral mixed with musky base notes make it difficult to compare this fragrance to its competitors. Put simply, Diamonds is in a league of its own.  


Does Diamonds Emporio by Armani last long?

Yes! Diamonds is known for its staying power, making it the perfect fragrance if you’re heading to an event or date night straight after work.

Can you still buy Diamonds by Armani?

Yet - despite being released in 2007, Diamonds by Armani still remains one of its most popular fragrances, and you can still buy it from any fragrance retailer.

What do Diamonds by Armani smell like?

Diamonds Emporio is a unique, fresh scent with top notes of lychee and raspberry, and base notes of vanilla and amber. It’s a mix of sweet and floral, without either element being overpowering.  


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