Basic Types Of Fragrances Every Perfume Lover Should Know

Basic Types Of Fragrances Every Perfume Lover Should Know

Perfumes come in different scent combinations or distinct scents, most of which are pleasant to the olfactory senses. A true perfume lover knows the feeling of inhaling the whiff of scent from a nice perfume bottle— blissful!

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The joy that comes from using perfumes makes every true perfume lover unleash their inner adventurous spirit when choosing the right perfumes to use.

It is normal to experiment with different scents, play around, and know what works for you as the perfume lover that you are. However, there are some basics you need to know concerning fragrances. This knowledge helps you make the right decisions when buying perfumes and improve your entire perfume wearing experience.

Also, this would help you know what scents work better with your skin, as the skin’s smell is unique in each human. Due to this, not all scents work for everyone, so knowing what works for you is ideal to complement your natural smell and, overall, improve your general smell.


Floral fragrances

These are perhaps the most popular type of fragrances in the perfume market. They’re made from natural flowers/flower-related scents. Popular flower scents used in making perfumes include roses, gardenia, cherry blossoms, jasmine, etc.

They’re usually considered romantic, sweet-smelling and feminine, making them ideal for women who love to express their femininity through fragrances.

Fruity fragrances

These fragrances usually contain fruit-related scents, which are sweet-smelling and perfect for outings/dates. Some popular fruity fragrances are apples, berries, pineapples, mangoes, etc. These can also be combined with spicy undertones for a more elevated and unique scent.

Spicy fragrances

As the name implies, spicy fragrances usually contain regular kitchen spices like cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, cloves etc. They usually have an elite and luxurious smell, which induces retro-fashioned vibes. Sometimes, they can be mixed with fruits, but they still work great independently. These perfumes are perfect for casual outings, as they make you stand out.

Citrus fragrances

Citrus can be classified as fruity smells, though this fragrance is quite broad that they have their separate category. They smell quite sharp and tangy, and their smells help elevate moods and make you feel refreshed, so it is best used during the daytime. Some citrus smells include lemon, mandarin, orange, lime, etc. Women usually wear them because they blend well with a woman’s pheromones, which overall produces a nice, soft, yet tangy fragrance.

Woody fragrances

These earthy smells are found in bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, etc. These earthy smells create a soothing fragrance suitable for all genders and are best worn in corporate settings.

Oriental fragrances

Oriental fragrances are a mix of earthy, musky and a hint of woody scents. They include scents like amber and musk, and they are said to be the ideal seduction fragrance, thus making them perfect for date nights.

Oceanic fragrances

These types of fragrances are known to imitate watery, humid, natural smells like the smell of mountains, seawater, etc. They are suitable for work environments, and a study even says that most job interviewers prefer these scents on their prospective employees.

Green fragrances

As the name implies, green fragrances include anything that has to do with nature. From the smell of green leaves to the smell of newly mown grass, they are considered mild and sporty, thus suitable for outdoor/sports events.


Perfume notes are ingredients that make up the total composition of a fragrance, and it is essential to know the different kinds of notes and know what distinct fragrances each note contains.

Three fundamental perfume notes make up the fragrance's total composition. These are:

Top notes

these are the first whiff of scents you perceive from perfume, and they usually last for about 5-15 minutes before fading away. Some fragrances used as top notes include citrus-based scents like lemon or flowery scents like rose.

Heart/middle notes

these are the scents that kick in after most of the top notes have evaporated. They retain fragments of the scent of the top notes while introducing new scents that complement both the top and base notes. Heart notes last longer(40-60 minutes) and are usually 70% of the entire fragrance. Some scents used as heart notes include aromatic oils like ylang-ylang, cinnamon, cardamom, lemongrass, etc.

Base notes

these are the foundation of the entire fragrance, which add more depth to the fragrances that make up the top and heart notes. They work with the heart notes to form the basis of the fragrance and last for the entire time the perfume is worn. Common fragrances used as base notes include sandalwood, vanilla, musk, amber, etc.

The common way to identify the different notes used in a perfume is by noting how the scent changes based on the time passed after application. As mentioned, top notes come first, then the heart, then the base.

Each of these notes works together to complement the other and adds its uniqueness to the entire fragrance.


As a perfume lover, knowing the scents to use and the scents that complement each other are very important. This helps you figure out what works for you and the kinds of scents to wear on different occasions.

It is also important to know the fragrances that form your perfume's top, heart and base notes to help you choose the right ones that complement your body smell.

Overall, choosing a perfume should be a fun activity with no pressure, but having these guidelines in mind makes the entire experience better for you and anyone else involved in the perfume shopping!


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