Gift perfume and you are saying to that person, ‘you are very special’. Perfume feels personal, luxurious and caring because it is a gift that is given with consideration. The elegantly packaged perfume gift sets for her are the perfect gift anytime of the year, no specific occasion needed and something she can use and appreciate for a long time.

How to choose

If you have an idea of the type of scent the person you are buying for prefers, then you can use that as the base to build on. It is not too difficult to find something similar with a new element for a slight variation on her normal fragrance. It is best to her age in keep in mind as well. For someone younger there are trendy new perfumes that are endorsed by celebrities. Then for someone older you can get her one of the elegant classics that have stood the test of time and are sure to please. If you are not quite sure of what to get, then opt for a subtle light and fresh scent.

Night or day

Using the base note or the core fragrance as the benchmark, you can then consider perfumes of a similar variation. This will give her even more options to play around with and seriously who doesn’t like to have a range of perfumes to choose from? For daytime use pick something lighter, citrusy or floral based for a fresh scent throughout the day. A deeper scent such as vanilla or jasmine with a touch of musk is perfect for the night, for an alluring and lingering fragrance that mingles with the night air.

Winter and summer

You could also take the seasons into consideration if you would like to get specific. Similar to the different scents for day and night, some fragrances are better suited to either cold or warm months. For summer months herbs, lavender and citrus fragrances are the best, being light and airy and suitable for the humid days. Winter is a time for deeper sensual woody notes with spices instead of herbs, like cinnamon, pepper, cardamom or a deep musk, bringing some warmth to those cold winter days.

Benefits of a gift set

Gift sets for her, as mentioned before, are beautifully packaged and along with the bottle of perfume other items are usually coupled, such a body lotion or shower gel or a smaller portable bottle of the perfume. Most popular perfumes are available as gift sets and provide you with a great way to pamper her with luxury essentials.

Perfumes are a quality gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated and are the perfect way to show someone that you care.