Glowing skin is the best way to feel beautiful and confident throughout the day. Make up and skin care products help us enhance our natural features and maybe hide a blemish or two, but healthy skin radiates and bathes us in a natural glow that always draws positive attention. The first thing to do is to understand your skin and use the below tips in a way that is most advantageous to your specific skin type. You are unique, you are you, so treat your skin with the special attention it deserves.

  1. Skin care

The first step is of course to look after your skin. Understand your skin type and use skin care products that answer your needs. If you are prone to dry skin, then using a gentle moisturising cleanser is important. You could even opt to clean your skin with Micellar water instead of soap some of the time. Similarly, if you have oily skin the look for skin care products that will help mattify or reduce the oiliness without stripping your skin of its essential oils.

  1. Wash with intent

In a rushed world it is so easy to splash some water on your face do a quick once over with your cleanser, rinse it of and call it done. But start washing your face with intent and you will start to feel and see the difference it makes to your skin. If possible, daily, if not at least thrice or four times a week wash your face with purpose. Gently massage your face with the cleanser using your finger tips or with a soft wash cloth to feel a gentle tingle and awakening of your facial muscles. This deep washing is simple to do and very effective. Once a week aim to do the same with your entire body.

  1. Natural products

Always look for natural products with less to no chemicals included so that your skin is only touched by natural wholesome ingredients. You will see a noticeable difference when chemical usage is eliminated. Today, you can find branded products made using natural ingredients that are purely beneficial with no harmful elements. Your skin deserves the best because after all it is the canvas for the rest of your features.

  1. Quality over quantity

Choose to use a few good quality products such as Avene that are natural and specially manufactured with sensitive skin in mind. You don’t need a ton of products to achieve glowing skin. Purchase top quality essentials such as cleansers, face and body oils, moisturisers, toners etc and use those to achieve healthy skin that will prove to be economical in the long run and do your skin a world of good.

  1. Use sun protection

We know its important but quite often this step gets omitted. Keep your sun protection cream near your other skincare products and mindfully incorporate it into your routine. After a while it will become a habit that you will not forget and for which your skin will be grateful.

  1. Hydrate

As you hydrate your skin externally be sure to hydrate it from the inside as well. Cultivating a habit of sipping water constantly is essential. We drink water when we are thirsty, but to keep your skin soft and supple drinking water regularly is important. Add slices of oranges or blueberries, mint leaves or anything you fancy to spice it up, if plain water is not your thing, but do something that will encourage you to start drinking more water. When you start receiving compliments on your fresh, healthy and glowing skin you will be thankful.