If you find yourself taking ill very often, maybe your immune system has grown weaker for some reason. The immune system is our shield against disease-causing microorganisms and when that defence is down or low – naturally we fall victim to these diseases. Fortunately, some actions can be taken from your end to fix this.

  1. Sufficient vitamin D intake

Like we mentioned in one of our previous posts, vitamin D is an essential booster of the immune system. During summer months exposure to sunlight for about 10-15 minutes (in the morning) a day can trigger vitamin D synthesis of the skin. This coupled with a balanced diet can provide enough Vitamin D intake. However, during the autumn and winter months, one must consider the supplementary intake of the vitamin. Speak to us at Questmoor Pharmacy to learn more about dosage and other information.

  1. Healthy diet

For convenience, we tend to grab some junk food or go to a restaurant now and then for our meals. This can be an obstruction to any effort you make to eat healthily. Always make sure your plate is full of vegetables and leafy greens. Try consuming the five servings of fruits and vegetables recommended. While you must entirely cut down junk food, even when you eat at restaurants make sure your choice of food can be considered a healthy option.

Tip: try including herbs such as ginseng that is known to boost immunity.

  1. Get 8 hours of sound sleep

Although we may not realise; sleep deprivation can contribute to suppression of the immune system of our body. It will increase your day to day stress levels thereby increasing the hormone cortisol. The long-term eventuality of this occurrence can result in a defeated immune function.

  1. Drink less alcohol and quit tobacco

Consuming alcohol excessively will impair one’s immune system increasing the vulnerability of more severe issues such as lung infections. Smoking too will undermine the immunity and increase the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia.

  1. Garlic and medicinal mushrooms in your diet

Garlic has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial benefit. The immune booster function of garlic can only be activated when you can add it to food just before consuming (because heat neutralises its effectiveness). Medicinal mushrooms such as shiitake can enhance the immunity especially in women; against breast cancer.

Besides the above stated, regular exercise can also be the cornerstone of good health.  There is no proof that it contributes directly to improving immunity however like any other healthy habit; it brings about the general healthiness of your body thereby satisfying the requirement of good resistance.