Delivery Information

  • For orders over £30 delivery will be offered without any additional cost.
  • The postal charges for some countries/areas can exceed what’s mentioned on the Questmoor Pharmacy delivery site therefore in such instances we reserve the right to request for the deficient value to meet the full postal cost before dispatching the order.
  • You will be contacted directly with regards to the orders made.
  • Questmoor Pharmacy will notify you by e-mail of any orders that are to be delivered only to a billing address.
  • The customer would be eligible for a refund if the postal or courier service returns the order to Questmoor Pharmacy due to not being collected. However, the refund will not include the postal charges incurred in releasing this order. The order will be annulled, and the customer will be notified accordingly.
  • Any delivery of an order that does not take place within 15 days of placing the order should be notified to Questmoor Pharmacy in writing.
  • If a product packaging or product itself is damaged during the delivery process, Questmoor Pharmacy will not be held accountable for the operation of delivery is beyond our control.

Shipping Rates

Service Duration Service Duration
1 day delivery 3 days delivery aim
Product Weight(g) Royal Mail 1st Class(£) Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class(£) Royal Mail 2nd Class(£) Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class(£)
100 0.67 1.77 £0.58 1.68
250 1.40 2.50 1.26 2.36
500 1.87 2.97 1.64 2.74
750 2.60 3.70 2.22 3.32
1000 3.45 4.55 2.95 4.05
1500 3.45 4.55 2.95 4.05
2000 5.50 6.60 2.95 4.05
Over 2000 15.85 16.95 13.75 14.85

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