With 150,000 recorded deaths happening each year, due to Cardiovascular disease in the UK, the wellbeing of your heart must undebatably be a priority. Any illness of the heart and circulatory system of your body is referred to as a Cardiovascular disease. Although there could be many different complications, put merely; when your heart health is overlooked, it could induce Coronary Heart Disease (due to blockages in the major arteries).

Before moving to the preventive steps, it is detrimental to understand how these blockages occur.

When you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle, build-ups of fat, deposits in your arteries and eventually leading to devastating results.

As your partner of a healthy life, we bring five simple steps that can be followed to prolong your coronary health thereby a long and happy life.

  1. Start With Your Diet

Eating right is the fundamental of a healthy lifestyle. The concept of eating right of three folds:

  • Right food
  • Right time
  • Right quantity

Only when you can tick all three of the above folds, you could say you are eating right. Always keep referring to the food pyramid you learnt in school but never got around to put into practice. As a rule of thumb, reduce diets that are highly saturated with fats and sugars. Lay of the junk and fried food as much as possible as it could cause high cholesterol which over time will even lead to a stroke. Try to consume at least five servings of vegetables and fruit as the unsaturated fats obtained from plants, natural sugars and other nutrients of fruits can provide many health benefits. Speak to us at Questmoor to find out what supportive supplements can be taken alongside your diet.

  1. Workout regularly

If your busy lifestyle doesn’t permit going to the gym every day, schedule your workouts at least for three-four times a week. Consider light physical exercises on days that you are not going to the gym. For instance, start jogging or cycling down your street. You could even consider meeting up with some friends for a basketball session once a week. For someone who has not worked out in a while, getting this into your rhythm at once might be difficult, start with small steps – go for a walk. Use a step counter app to set goals and monitor progress (put technology to use!)

  1. Quit Smoking

We understand this is easily said than done – but it’s time! Questmoor is fully equipped to help you reduce craving and eventually put a stop; through our Stop Smoking Service with complete confidentiality. Smoking is the number one inducer of cardiovascular disease, and there is no other way around it. So, speak to us, and we will carefully tailor make a course to help you get through this.

  1. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Quite leisurely we would smile and say to our friends ‘a glass of wine’ pose no harm! Well, that may be but consuming a large volume of alcohol over time, can cause high blood pressure that significantly increases the chances of a heart attack. Check your blood pressure often and inquire from our pharmacist how we could be of any assistance.

  1. Seek the advice of your doctor

If your blood pressure results indicate an all-time high, consider that a sign to get in touch with a medical specialist for some help. We can assist you in determining your risk level through our cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) tests. Considering your risk levels, our pharmacist may refer you to a GP to discuss further lifestyle changes and medications.